domenica 13 aprile 2008

Sunday morning.....

Hello to everyone, it's Vincenzo, wishing you a great sunday.

Yesterday's been a very tough day, as we'been trying to compare all kind of keywords that could be useful to our campaign. We're not sure about the criterion, and that's the issue we've been charged since the beginning: finding a lead concept that guides us through all decisions, 'cause nobody really seems to know what should be our breakeven point, nor where to find some case-history to show us as successful campaigns.

Well, i don't like to cross my bridges before i come to them, and all this is also partially exciting, because it teaches us how to fulfill hard tasks without all instruments. I already feel a little thankful, because i know that if i should've learned adwords all by myself, i'd have left the panel just a few seconds after i got in.. and i guess i can say the same for a lot of us.

Another good thing i'm learning, is that knowing usability is a very precious skill. One of the major benefits of finding a friendly and helpful business, in fact, is that you have the chance to improve very much the site you're promoting. Roberto's being very kind about this, and he's really apllying himself to make the mountain of changes we suggested.

In the next few days we'll go mad trying to write the pre-campaign document, full with ad texts, goals, and a lot of other demanding explanations. I found myself astonished when i saw how much points go to the final part of the document, as i knew we had to erase all those cute information we got about market, and free space to the unknown adwords details.

Well, i wish you good luck, and i take leave with this funny video i found on an unofficial social network about the challenge. It's a rapper who explains his way some key-concepts about online advertising.

Have a great week!

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