domenica 27 aprile 2008

"F.E.E.L.I.N.G. C.A.L.L.E.D. A.D.S."

This challenge is one of 2 or 3 most thrilling experiences of my recent life. The way reports get you upset is nearly surprising, and the concern you're into when looking at all those numbers overcomes by far the worst and abrupt election upshot - which actually we did have.

We're now waiting for a complete report of the first 3 days of campaign, trying to figure out why impressions keep going up.. i guess it may be a matter of too much keywords for each group, but most of the problem comes from the content network that keeps raising up impressions at thousands at a day.

Next step i guess will be to delete useless keywords and adjust bidding options for most gainful ones, improve ads wherever possible, keep excluding specific network's sites not bringing any click. We are also taking a look at google analytics, but i don't think we can go on even a little further with all of the seo stuff. That's to be said, the help we expected on website improvement is still to come, and the business owner is gone missing somewhere.. at least i hope is having a good time :)

Tomorrow we'll run an exam at the college, so we have a really kind excuse in letting adwords by itself for a couple of hours. May the blessing of madchester sound be with you, we'll try to update as soon as adwords will let us.


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Lee Hunter ha detto...

Hi - we just wanted to drop a note to say the Google Team are checking your blog. Good luck in the Challenge!

Lee from Google