giovedì 10 aprile 2008

"Give me the money!!"

Hi, here we are with our first step in the challenge. We're from university "Sapienza", Rome.
Our group is made up by:

Vincenzo De Simone (me, captain)
Sonia Mendola
Luigi Tranchina
Roberta Sanzani
Mario Di Bona

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

It all started for us about a month ago, when our teacher told us we'd take part to this challenge. Then we just rushed up to eat all we could while easter vacations, and since we got no spring break, just after that Sonia came out with the business that in the end we've chosen for our campaign.

These kind of projects always get me a little paranoid, so i don't know yet if a can tell what kind of activity we're about to promote. I guess in the next few days we're gonna spent some of our preciuos time in deciding all these sort of stuff.

Before I say goodnight, i wanted to share the accident that opened our experience. As a captain, i was supposed to create the adwords account and then keep it paused until our teacher told us when to begin. Well, i'm not saying that the "important notes" part of the google document was incorrect, or too ugly to look at, but somehow i didn't notice it in the first place, so i signed out and left the campaign running for a couple of days. We spent about 10% of overall budget, and so far we still do not know what's gonna be of money and time we wasted.
well begun is half done.

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